With a Memory Like Mine Lyrics

I can see that train a comin'
Watch that big light shine this way
Hear that whistle softly blowing
Lord, it's been an awful day
I watched him leave that Friday morning
It was in the month of May
I told my son to be a good soldier
But return again some day

He was returned just one year later
But, I'll not forget that day
The baggage car is where he traveled
In a casket where he lay

Train man, keep your whistle blowing
Make it moan and make it whine
You make a man feel mighty lonesome
With a memory like mine
In a little country graveyard
On a dark and dreary day
They laid a flag upon the casket
And the casket in the grave

I couldn't stand it any longer
And I knew not how to pray
I cried, "Oh Lord, I hate to leave him
All alone beneath that clay"

I can see him as a baby
I can hear him call my name
I can feel him under fire
And see him rising from the flames

Lord, if I could I'd trade places
I would gladly give my all
I'd wrap that flag around me like a blanket
And listen for the clods to fall
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