Oh No Lyrics

[O.G. Ron C: Talking]
Uh, Swishahouse

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
(So throwed)
I swared we don' told y'all n***** before
You must be deaf if you think we ain't gettin' no
With the remote screens fallin' trunk do
Step up in the club starched down but stay flowed
From that North to the South Pole
Ron C chop it up, make it slow

-Check, Look
The block gets..bled red like a leg in a ant bed
My twanks make a crippled girl turn her d*** head
Hakim' cause a scene when I drop my screens
Got more green then mean green sippin' a green cup of lean
in a green limousine, I impress myself
Might spit game to a gun just to test myself
Won't pour up a fourth
Sho' I'll throw up the fourth
Fa'sho I'll show up to four
And bleeh blow up the show
Whoa!, ice bright man
Like a night-light man
Ice white like the head-lights on a white van
As bright as a white man
With a light tan
Ice bright as the skin on Michael Jackson's right hand, n****
g****** ohh! I impress myself
I'm so throwed I need a catchers mit to catch myself
How much you n***** wanna bet you'll never get my wealth
I'll rather play a solo game of dice and bet myself
Whoa hold up Ron C I just dump on me a G
Lucky me I'm the n**** that wannabe's wannabe
i'm tellin' ya, ohh n**** I impress myself
So many hoes on my d*** I gotta stretch my belt
n**** ya better go handcuff ya honey real quick
My lips don' touched mo' bigger lips then lipstick
My car got more b***er then a bunch of biscuits
I get licks while you get dip and get dismissed
I get p***** like I was under missle toe on christmas
Paul Wall don' got diamonds imported on his d***
Ron C is using platinum turntables for this mix
I walk around with a stain that's bigger then Flip wrist
Warfare and lick 6 we never ride bareford
Ride Ac or Jag or maybe a black ford
Ridin' round with a gat on the d*** dashboard
Oh No!, that boy comin' in through the backdoor
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