Billy Joel Lyrics

A Matter of Trust: The Bridge to Russia
  1. Odoya (live)
  2. Prelude / Angry Young Man (live)
  3. Honesty (live)
  4. Billy the Kid (live)
  5. She's Always a Woman (live)
  6. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant (live)
  7. Goodnight Saigon (live)
  8. Stiletto (live)
  9. Big Man on Mulberry Street (live)
  10. Baby Grand (live)
  11. What's Your Name (live)
  12. The Longest Time (live)
  13. An Innocent Man (live)
  14. Pressure (live)
  15. Allentown (live)
  16. A Matter of Trust (live)
  17. Only the Good Die Young (live)
  18. It's Still Rock and Roll to Me (live)
  19. Sometimes a Fantasy (live)
  20. You May Be Right (live)
  21. Uptown Girl (live)
  22. Big Shot (live)
  23. Back in U.S.S.R. (live)
  24. The Times They Are a Changin' (live)
  25. She Loves You (Rehearsal take)
  26. New York State of Mind (Rehearsal take)
  27. Piano Man (Rehearsal take)