Three Tree Town Lyrics

Another lyrics, this time from one of his best songs. He published it on his myspace a couple of months ago : Three tree town.

The Myspace version could actually make a good single for a videoclip (not to mention cloud nine).
So enjoy: "

Three tree town.

Come in from the darkness on the edge of this three tree town.
Because it's thicker than the woods out there,
Settles harder than the cold winter ground.

Come in from the shadows of these boot black, marching clouds
Because trouble falls like rain,
And lately it's been pouring down.
I've seen loneliness
She wrapped me up with such tenderness
I've seen loneliness
She tied me down in her sweet caress.

Oh come in from the confines of your own mind my dear, because worry is all you'll find there it's clear.
And tomorrow will always come.
And tomorrow may well bring the sun.
Yeah i've seen loneliness
She wrapped me up with such tenderness.
And i've seen happiness
She came round here yesterday
In a bright blue dress..

And we go..
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