Cloud Nine Lyrics

Shadows on the water
from a memory, in times and sight
and the last time I saw you happier
then not seein' you, not seein' you in a long while
All these faces, oh how they adore you
with every blessing, every strength of a storm
And it seems to me it all worked out so different
funny how distance and time, you don't change at all

So may your worries, may your worries never fall too loud
May you stay here, may you stay here
happy in your own skin, on the ninth cloud
Oh, to every warning
where these ships had passed through, years before
Bolder now, than a brand new morning
the sun on your face, the bruise and the breaks of these careless arms

So hold your body, hold your body strong in these winds of life
May I find you, may we sit together when we're gray and old, on cloud nine
This life'll move you with every step outside
it's alright, it's alright my arms are open wide for you
This life'll move you as graceful as a tide
oh it's alright it's alright, loosen the fears that bind you, loosen the fears that bind you
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