Barbara Lynn Lyrics

Here Is Barbara Lynn
  1. You'll Lose a Good Thing
  2. Take Your Love and Run
  3. Maybe We Can Slip Away
  4. Sure Is Worth It
  5. Only You Know How to Love Me
  6. I'll Suffer
  7. You're Losing Me
  8. Sufferin' City
  9. Multiplying Pain
  10. Why Can't You Love Me
  11. Mix It Up Baby
  12. This Is the Thanks I Get
You'll Lose a Good Thing
  1. Second Fiddle Girl
  2. Give Me a Break
  3. Dina and Petrina
  4. Lonely Heartaches
  5. You Don't Sleep at Night
  6. I'm Sorry I Met You
  7. You'll Lose a Good Thing
  8. Heartbreaking Years
  9. Teen Age Blues
  10. What I Need Is Love
  11. You Don't Have to Go
  12. Letter to Mommy and Daddy