Barbara Acklin Lyrics

Seven Days of Night
  1. A Raggedy Ride
  2. Go With Love
  3. Seven Days of Night
  4. Just Ain't No Love
  5. Where Would I Go
  6. Am I the Same Girl
  7. Until You Return
  8. This Girl's in Love With You
  9. Here Is a Heart
  10. Mr. Sunshine (Where Is My Shadow)
  11. Love Had Come to Stay
Love Makes a Woman
  1. What the World Needs Now Is Love
  2. The Look of Love
  3. The Old Matchmaker
  4. Come and See Me Baby
  5. I've Got You Baby
  6. Love Makes a Woman
  7. Please Sunrise, Please
  8. Your Sweet Loving
  9. Yes I See the Love (I Missed)
  10. To Sir, With Love
  11. Be by My Side