Mirage Rock Lyrics

When the wind is low
the river is naughty and still through the night
here the..inside I think somebody might have up and dime
And..but you do not your hands on tight
all the all good people who ride on cold day and night

I think somebody might have,
I think somebody might have all been down
and maybe someone's husband is getting drunk and nothing..

You know you got the devil scared
and you're the one who's there behind
all he got the only nights and worry things on your mind
All good real men, know
you can't do nothing and just getting by
there's so many people shaking down on the town

And where's somebody lucky, lucky..more and family much a..
now hope you really love me, really wanna get you from the high
all the time
Will be getting marry stay together ..we're breaking up
I'll make you really angry make you think you finally had enough
have you had enough you had enough
have you had enough
you had enough?
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