B.G. The Prince of Rap Lyrics

The Time Is Now
  1. Can't Love You
  2. The Colour of My Dreams
  3. Can We Get Enough?
  4. Round and Round
  5. Rock a Bit
  6. Walk Over the Rainbow
  7. The Dancer
  8. Miles Away
  9. Wanna Be Free
  10. Can We Get Enough? (remix)
  11. This Is How We Do It
  12. Bring You the Funk Back
The Power of Rhythm
  1. It's Only the Beginning
  2. The Power of Rhythm
  3. Wishing for Your Love
  4. Rap to the World
  5. Victim
  6. Take Control of the Party
  7. This Beat Is Hot
  8. Give Me the Music
  9. Move to Love
  10. I'm Real
  11. What 'Cha Gotta Do Is Dance
  12. Be My Girl
  13. This Beat Is Hot (KMK-mix)