Afterlife (acoustic) Lyrics

Break me free
There is no return
It's the start of my rebirth
But as I glow just like a firefly
Time creates a vortex ride
Let it out
Of my sanity
It's a source of my serenity
I'm half the man I used to be
I still resent it's sanity
Walking in circles
As I open up my eyes
It's like I never stop and then wake up
So wake me up to an everlasting afterlife
It is designed from the secrets I hide
So set me free
And this time you'll be electrified
The future leaves nothing behind
It's my afterlife
Hear my scream
I brake the seal
An impulse of me revived
And as I fill my lungs
It's hard to breath
Like I was born inside a dream
Welcome home
You are not alone
And no longer on your own
I'm half the man I used to be
A second life infesting me
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