Reunion Lyrics

* I had a dream
so soft white and serene
you were there too
there standing next to me
then the skies opened up
as tender light poured down
showering love
and sweet possibility
'Twas just a dream
but, oh what a lovely dream
it spoke of hope
beyond the dark of night
through you're not here with me
I won't let myself fall
love is the key
believing is everyhing
+ Troubled times are like waves
as they rise and fall
and this faith is my ship
and your love my ocean, ocean

Life can be hard
but that's not my destiny
I'll be there soon
we'll meet at heaven's door
I know I will find my peace
when I am there with you
when we are one
one truth, one reality
¶ I will sing
yes, I will sing
and promise all my love to you
I will sing
yes, I will sing
and be all that you want me to

+ repeat

¶ repeat

* repeat
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