Hill Of Sorrow Lyrics

There was a b***** fight untold
Nobody seems to find their homes
Rain drops where falling all around
Let me escape this place
Be untouchable
Here comes the scary light
It's shining on me
Kill my breath (Hiding in this dusty hole)
Till my worst fear is gone
We can't follow their rules whatsoever
Now we're climbing up
Oh! The hill of sorrow
Sand wirbelt in die Höhe
shwarzer Wind und roter Stern
verblasste Blütenblätter
legen sich auf die Erde
Ashe wirbelt in die Höhe
verwelkte Blütenblätter
werden wieder zur Erde
We're going to hell
is that where we wanna be?
What can you say?
Is that the way you are?
Why don't you just tell?
How is it gonna be?
We just can't be one

* Repeat
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