Hand Hold Lyrics

Sweetheart Sweetheart
Won't you come and sweep me off my feet
Catch me when I fall
Whisper Whisper
Whisper these words in my ears tonight
I could fly away with you oh...

When the dark is falling
When the night has come
Baby will you hold my hand?
When the sky is crying
When this road is near the end
Baby I will hold your hand
Sweetheart Sweetheart
Mark my words across my heart
I'll wait for you till the end

What it is What it is
It's a kiss from my lips sealed on yours
and today I'll stay with you oh...
When the storm is twisting left and right
When you can't fall asleep at night
Baby I will hold your hand

Until the night is morning
Until the sea is part...
I won't let go of your hand
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