Forever Friends (英文) Lyrics

作曲:莫洛德尔 孔祥东
作词:michael kunze
演唱:李玟 孙楠
you've tasted bitter defeat and the sweet success.
you want it all and you settle for nothing less.
you've tried harder than the rest.
you've become one of the best.
this is the time you'll remember for
all your life
forever friends
in harmony
as the whole world joins and sees
days of unity and peace.
forever through the years
we'll hear the cheers.
joy and laughter everywhere!
we're together here to share
forever friends
you'll meet all races,see faces you've never seen.
people from parts of the world where you've never been.
and you'll feel it in your heart
we spent too much time apart
this is the time when all dreams of man come alive.
(no matter where we are or go)
(no matter what we hope for or know)
(no matter how we word our prayer)
(there is one dream we share)
one world one dream
forever friends
in harmony!
forever friends
(one dream we dream,)
(one world we share.)
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