Palette Lyrics

Nano - Palette Lyric
13. Palette
Words are drowned in your tears of shed,
there beneath your laughter.
Paint the vision there inside
with emotions of the palette in my mind.
Please distinguish me.
The colors overflow.
I pray that you will save me now
I fall away.

Here now,
my words of blue,
inside the tears that you cry.
I'll catch them as they fall.
Feel now,
my warmth of red,
I whisper there as you sleep,
a gentle song of hope.
I will be eraser's mind.
Though as the sky and sea are as one,
memories cross inside my mind.
Unraveling the threads of our mind
we softly watch
our future bloom.
See now,
the days of black
are slowly fading again
the memories pass you by.
Feel now
my lips of white
I kiss you here in our dream
a gentle prayer of love.
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