United Lyrics

United forever
Not divided - no never
Even if ruff time, tuff time, ruff time
We shall stay together
& rise again
Disaster - everlasting wound of a nation
Time is not the medicine for this depression
A blaster - boom sound heard from the city
Broadcasting live from the blood site on T.V
There's a picture of the fast ambulance
The next day come the army response
The youths them looking for future chance
Seems a whole country is out of balance

Prime minister murdered in 95
For a political reason, a criminal took his life
No leader, as children with no father
Nation unity was our rescue loved mother
In weak times we got stronger
Correcting what was wrong
All cities came along
And millions became one!
Quit looking for the guilt one
Neither for the wrong one
Patience will be ride pon each & everyone
Crash! Nah mean it's all done
It's all about the union
A rise chase the fall & shine on

My people them divide themselves with hurt
Today me can't walk inna the street with no orange shirt
A politic opinion is a blue- white skirt
This is a massive red alert!

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