Tears Lyrics

Inna me country you are a child until the age of eighteen
A man one day - because of the uniform in green
Inna your hand dem a place a gun -- M16
From youths to life we have army between
Separated from your roots & sent to war school
Are you a nation warrior?
Or just a meaningless tool?
For every simple action there is a complicated rule
To fight for peace seems a sentence of a fool

Tears of a Hebrew mother - the cry of a Hebrew nation
Loss of a Hebrew soldier - the cry of a Hebrew nation
Tears of a little sister - the cry of a Hebrew nation
Loss of a Hebrew soldier...

Me know that our history demand it nowadays
A problematic situation ain't just a passing phase
I wonder to myself there must be lots of other ways
To live alongside neighbors not alongside graves
Oh.. I remember when I left home
Full of wonders and fears for a trip of 3 years
The pictures of the families try hiding dem tears
They never came back again open your ears...
Now it's night time...quiet inna tent
A phone call home & another message sent
final words and map direction
About the operation
Camouflage & arms begin the last steps of preparation
Before sunrise dem a leave After a night without no sleep
Towards the ancient village
Dem are four inna the jeep
And a gunshot heard
Explosion & a scream, smoke & faya
A pinch to leave the dream...
But this a no dream, an everyday reality
we deal with Loss of our friends
and our relatives
we deal with Memorial day each day nah once a year
we a deal with
We haffi deal with what dem deal with
Sons of Israel will return home safe & well
Sons of Israel will return home safe & well
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